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Zooming back into business!

Technology has really come into the forefront of my clinical practice during the covid-19 pandemic. We have long been accustomed to using technology for entertainment, to download films, to screen box-sets from Netflix and to play games, but this is a different way to use technology and for many of us, this is a new way to use it.

Technology has enabled me to continue to engage with my patients, allowed me to continue to interact with them, to diagnose them through visual movement analysis, to guide them through rehabilitation exercises. This has been to the benefit of both patient and practitioner.

To use an example of osteoarthritic knee pain - many people who suffer with this find that walking is difficult and painful. In that kind of situation, even getting into my clinic can exacerbate their symptoms, causing a flare of pain. Yet we know that professional advice and treatment can provide significant improvements in long term pain, in many cases negating the need for on-going pain relief medication.

Working remotely I am able to assess someone's knee without putting them through the pain of coming into my clinic; I am able to prescribe an exercise routine, ensure it is being done correctly and check in on them regularly to offer additional support and advice - all without the patient leaving their house.

Technology has enabled this to happen, providing a means for me to continue to support and help my patients while also protecting them from any exposure to the virus or exacerbating their pain symptoms. In the longer term, even after lockdown has been fully lifted, I can see this way of working will continue to offer benefit to many of my clients who are living with chronic pain conditions.

To book an online consultation call us on 01621 786600, or alternatively you can message us on our Facebook page 'Holicity Health BoC'. Please note the 'click here' button on our website is temporarily disabled. On the day of the appointment you will receive an email with a link taking you to the call. If you do not have access to Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime calls can be arranged.

Thank you for all being so patient and understanding at this time. I look forward to the exciting future with the use of technology!


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