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We spend a fair amount of time surfing the internet for interesting information relating to health and wellness, reading up on the latest research and following up on information relating to recent trends or news items. Through the working day I fequently discuss some of these items with patients but there isn't time to discuss all things with all people so here is a resource page to keep you all up to date.

If possible, choose a practitioner through personal recommendation. The vast majority of our patients come to us following a personal recommendation.

Patient Resources

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Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Healer?
What You Need to Know Before Choosing . . .

- If you have an acute short-term injury, ask how many sessions will be needed. We would anticipate between 3-6 treatments would normally suffice. Do not commit to see a therapist twice a week for 6 months without seeking a second opinion (horror stories like that do happen!).

- If you have a long-term, chronic condition, choose a therapist who is willing to work with you to help you gain the most value from your treatments and reduce treatment frequency over time.

- Do not get talked into expensive Xray imaging without good reason. If you feel the need to have an Xray, request a copy of the image and report for your GP.

Degenerative Wear and Tear May Not Explain Pain!

Have you had an Xray or scan which shows degenerative changes? Have you been been advised to accept that this explains your pain and told that a pain management regime may be your only hope of relief? An increasing body of scientific evidence indicates that the presence of, and degree of degenerative changes does not correlate to the presence of and degree of pain you might be feeling.

With the right treatment it may be possible to decrease your pain and improve your mobility. . .

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