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We're Back!

We closed our clinic doors recently to support the national effort to control the spread of coronavirus, but we are now back up and running, albeit with a little more social distance and a temporarily smaller team.

These are the new rules:

When you book an appointment, you will be asked about your current health situation and recent movements to assess any obvious risk.

On the day of your appointment you will be contacted to run through a short set of questions to check your current health and recent movements to assess any changes in your risk levels.

Appointments will be spaced further apart to minimise the risk of contact between clients, please do not arrive before your allocated appointment time to reduce the length of time you are on the premises.

Please do not be late, I will be unable to overrun in order to leave sufficient time to wipe down surfaces and air the room between clients. In Burnham I will be able to alternate treatment rooms, allowing additional time for the room to air between clients.

If possible, we will conduct some of the consultation over the phone and if practical to do so, some of the consultation may take place outside so minimise the time spent in a confined space together.

On arrival, please wash your hands; I will wash my hands before treatment and after treatment.

For each client I will wear a new protective apron, face mask and disposable gloves and the couch, door handles and chair arms will be cleaned between each appointment.

Please could bring your own face mask with – if you don’t have one, please bring a scarf to cover your mouth and nose.

At present it is not possible to offer home visits.

Even with all these measures in place, there will still be a slight risk of virus transmission so I am unable to treat people who are officially shielding, but I am still able to continue to offer support and advice over the phone or Zoom.

Kind regards

Nick O’Connor

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